Solo Exhibition

Kai Lin Art • 999 Brady Ave NW • Atlanta, GA

Opening Friday, February 7 • 7:00-10:00

Closing April 5

Encyclopaedia (1979) is an acknowledgement of the highly influential medium of the information compendium: In the 20th century, the analog printed encyclopedia set; in the 21st century, the digital record database. In this exhibit, Kofke maintains the printing process as a method to compress and publish information via the mechanical reproduction of the meaning – laden image. Influenced by the encyclopedia set published in the year of his birth, Kofke reiterates the basic aesthetics of the printed image by which he learned his incipient world.  The encyclopedia continues to convey their history to humans, and continues to influence events of the future through compressed perceptions of the past.


Resident Artist

The Creatives Project

TCP at The Goat Farm School House
1200 foster st. nw
studio b-11
atlanta, ga 30318

The CCHP Artist-in-Studio provides five visual artists with free long term studio spaces and exhibition opportunites. In exchange, each of the selected artists will complete youth outreach through TCP’s Community Arts Program (CAP) whose beneficiaries include Jacob’s Ladder, One Love Generation, Perkerson Elementary School, Southwest Atlanta Neighboring (SWAN), VSA Arts of Georgia, and the youth of YO Boulevard. The studios and exhibition space are located at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia.


WonderRoot CSA 2014 Participating Artist

June 23, 2014

WonderRoot is excited to announce the much anticipated WonderRoot CSA Season 03. WonderRoot CSA (Community Supported Art) is a model for selling and purchasing artwork, adapted from the traditional agricultural CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Launched in 2012 and now in its third season, WonderRoot CSA cultivates a culture of art collecting for the local arts economy and supports Atlanta artists by commissioning them to create work.

WonderRoot invites art curious individuals and seasoned collectors to invest in the local arts economy by purchasing a share in Season 03 of Atlanta’s first ever art-based CSA. Shares can be purchased at:

Artists for WonderRoot CSA Season 03 are: Meg Aubrey, Nikita Gale, Jason Kofke, William Massey, Michael Stasny and Marcia Vaitsman.